Facilitating the Private and Public Sector - Commercial and Residential As-Builts, Civil, Structural, Architectural, Planning, Industrial, Facilities
42 Years of Design Services: From on-site staffing to our full in house Design Team, Our commitment is always to provide you with the best professional service.
As-Builts = This has become an important part for all aspects of designs, it provides a base where one can start the planning and design stage. from residential expansion's to semi-conductor facilities. No design can be started on the right foot, without the right information/backgrounds the existing conditions play a key role in proper design.

Civil = Mass Highway, Central Artery Project, Mass Turnpike, Maine Turnpike, New Hampshire F.E. Everette Highway, All these major highway have been touch by our designers, From Preliminary Roadway layouts, Parking lot, Traffic Counts, Pavement Markings, Cross Sections to Grading plans and boring log transformations.

Structural = from Bridges inspections to bearing pad designs, From Manufacturing Factories to Commercial Buildings, Our Design Group can meet all tolerances. even the small ones, Shop Drawings, Railing and Fencing, to machine and tool parts designs.

Architectural = Modular and Residential, and Commercial Buildings, From Client preliminaries to final designs, heat loss, air ventilation, and window sizing, Determining baseboard heating needs to Energy Checks, Utilizing MecCheck and REScheck Code compliance for all states.
Planning = Office Space and future layout, our designers use the actual, manufactures software, this make the final inventory and requirements office partitions as simple as a printout.

Facilities = Such as Semi Conductors, All have high standards, such as Clean room layouts from different classes and designs, pertaining to classification requirements, from tool install design to planning and sustaining. Evacuation Maps, Internal existing and future Layouts

Industrial = Car Wash Building Designs and the equipment which goes with it, front to rear miters, Side to side miters, brush arms and tracks. along with building layouts,
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